You'll need an Access Token if you want to use the API to access your own Maxihost data – for example, if you use the API with your own scripts to get data from your Maxihost account.

Setting up Access Tokens


Access Tokens should never be shared outside of your company

Access Tokens allow access to your private customer data in Maxihost. They should not be shared outside of your company. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you not to share your Token with anyone.

Creating your Access Token is simple and you can get a Token instantly.

To create your Access Token, go to the API page on the dashboard by clicking here or by clicking on API on the main menu.

Using your Access Token

Once you have created your Access Token you will see it in the same section of your Dashboard. You can edit or delete the token from here.

You can copy your token and use it in much the same way as you would use an API Key. The specifics will depend on how you are integrating with Maxihost.

To use your Access Token simply provide it as part of the authorization header when you make a request. Access Tokens use the bearer authorization header when you make a request. This just means you need to specify the bearer type in the header.

For more info on the bearer token framework please see the official spec.

$ curl \
-s \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <access_token>" \
-H 'Accept:application/json'