Commond Fields

API objects have a type field indicating their object type. Each object in the API may be given an identifier, indicated via its id field, and will typically be addressable via a URI. Many objects will also have a created field indicating the object's creation date as a UTC Unix timestamp.

Dates and Timestamps

All temporal fields in the API are encoded as Unix timestamps and are by definition always treated as UTC. The most common time fields in the API are created and updated.




The time the object was created. In most, but not all cases, this is the time the object was created according to the API server.


The time the object was last updated according to the API server.

Optional Fields

Unpopulated optional data is returned as follows

  • Number, String, and Boolean types may be returned as having null values.
  • Arrays and Objects may be returned as empty ([] {})

In general clients should be able to handle null and empty fields.

Metadata and Custom Attributes

Some object types, such as Devices, have a metadata field that allows clients to set custom-defined data about an object.